2007 October FE AM Q49

Which of the following is the appropriate program that supports dynamic processing in a Web environment and runs only on a Web server?

a) Java applet
b) JavaScript
c) Java servlet
d) VBScript

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2007 October FE AM Q48

Which of the following is the appropriate characteristic of “data oriented design” as compared with “process oriented design?”

a) Data modeling is performed prior to the modeling of business operations.
b) Data oriented design is effective for building a specific business application system in a short period of time.
c) It is possible to consider data as shared resources and to manage it in a unified manner.
d) It is possible to create data structures combined with business processes.

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2007 October FE AM Q47

Which of the following is the appropriate combination of basic concepts of object-oriented approach?

a) Abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and class
b) Instantiation, Structuralization, sequence, and class
c) Normalization, encapsulation, division, and class
d) Virtualization, Structuralization, projection, and class

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2007 October FE AM Q46

Which of the following is the standardized document description language that prescribes methods, as an international standard, for describing the logical structures and attributes of documents using tags and facilitates the management and exchange of electronic documents?

a) DML

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2007 October FE AM Q43

Which of the following shows the system configuration that can operate with an overall system availability of (1-(1-A)2)2? Here, the element X is a processor with an availability of A. Also, the segment connected in parallel is considered operating if either of the two processors is operating. However, the segment connected in series is considered operating only when both processors are operating.

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